My Rode Reel 2018 - The Internship

Dirty Ice Cream Productions
Genre: horror

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro
DeadCat VMP

More Information:

The interns at the TV Studio quickly realize they aren't the only ones taking shelter there from the rain.

Dirty Ice Cream Productions

Ryan King

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Jessica Collins

Storyboard Artist
Production Assistant

William Taylor

Sound Recordist
Production Assistant

Leticia Vasconcelos

Foley Artist
Production Assistant

Samantha Schroeder

BTS Camera
Production Assistant

All cast/crew are currently interns at Eastern Florida State College in the Digital Media/TV Production department. We shot all of our film at Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa Florida primarily in the TV Studio. We used a combination of a RODE NTG2 and a RODE Videomic Pro for all the dialogue, ADR, and Foley sounds. For the NTG2 we used a Zoom H6 recorder to supply the phantom power and control the signal which then went into the Canon t5i with a Pentax 28mm lens we shot the film on.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: