Four Ninjas My RODE Reel

Stanislav Lebedev
Genre: comedy scifi

RØDE Gear Used:


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Two ninjas meet in a deep forest. They are willing to fight, but why? These two ninjas are merely toys in hands of mysterious powerful puppeteers.

Stanislav Lebedev

Evgeniia Nezhivenko

Mother's voice

Kristian Lebedev

Red Ninja

Taisiya Lebedev

Green Ninja

We used RODE VideoMic which I have been using for almost a year for my video production. The camera is Canon 80D with 24-70mm lens.

For the film we picked two locations: at the beginning we wanted to find a park in Edmonton area, but ended up combining a family trip and production outside of Edmonton, in Jasper National Park. Second location is our apartment.

Filming children is not that simple, even if they are your children. They don't want to make several takes, and you have to film quickly and try hard to explain them what you need. Most of the scenes are handheld.

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