Green of the Ground and Grey of Decay | Short Film - MyRODEReel2018

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes
Genre: documentary VLOG

RØDE Gear Used:


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Around Christmas last year, I was intrigued to discover them. A number of old abandoned farm buildings, through the bush, across the field, over the stream and up the hill. In this vlog/documentary, I revisit the old farm, and try to fathom the Green of the Ground and Grey of Decay that exists there.

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes

Camera Operator
Video Editor
Sound Designer

Shot in one day on my excursion to the abandoned buildings themselves.
I brought minimum gear, my Canon 700D a couple of lenses and a shoulder rig - and my trusty stick for bashing my way through the treacherous overgrowth.
I got a lot of handheld, almost steady shots and fixed them up with warp stabilizer in post.
The film came together in the edit. It was there that I realized the proper direction to take the film. I used subtle analogies in sound design to create meaning underneath the surface, suggesting the remnants of these not so historical farm houses.
Voice over was recorded by the beautiful Rode Video Mic which sounded beefy and crisp, perfect for accompanying the visuals.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: