Disconnect (My Rode Reel 2018) 4K

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Genre: documentary

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I wanted to make a unique and interesting film. By using the osmo mobile I was able to show only the feet walking. Walking and disconnecting is really something that I believe in personally so this film worked out great. This is one of the few short films that I have created though I do run a small YouTube channel. This film created several challenges as described with my BTS. I had help from a few people in a couple of scenes with sound or acting.

Neighborhood-tech Videos

Zach Justice

Camera Operator

Deneal Justice


Brad Justice

Drone Pilot

Madison Justice

audio help

I used a panasonic G7 and a Google Pixel for video. For stabilization I used a DJI osmo mobile. And for sound I used ther Rode Videomicro. All video was shot in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tremonte. One of the problems that I ran into was the fact that I did not have an external recorder so all audio was captured into the G7 and converted. I used the shots of the feet as a unique angle and to hide the actors face until the end. I did most of the editing, filming, and acting with the exception of the walk with others scene.

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