A Traditional Brickmaker | My Rode Reel 2018

Jagdish Didwana & Jigar Chawda
Genre: documentary

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This film is based on a true story of a traditional brickmaker, how is there life. They make strong house for us with their art of brick making but they live in a house where there are no bricks, How they survive and what is there future and life. Film also explore about their art of making bricks and the locality they belong to including their residence and family.

Jagdish Didwana & Jigar Chawda

Jagdish Didwana

Cinematography & Editor

Jigar Chawda

Director & editor
Director & Editor

This documentary was shot completely with Nokia Lumia 1020 (smartphone) & audio was recorded with the Rode smartLav+ microphone with an audio recorder app on Moto G5 Plus. We were prety sure that we can pull complete shortfilm with accessories we had. An amazing smartphone (Lumia 1020) & also an amazing microphone (rode smartlav+) so we decided to go with this. This documentary was shot in Panch Rukha Village in Mumbai (India).