An Unexpected Visitor | MyRodeReel2018

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes
Genre: drama horror

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In times when the Internet is as much a risk as it is a tool, everyone is responsible for their own online safety. A few stray clicks were all it took, and now Jonathan's wallet isn't looking quite so chunky as it did before...

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes

Camera Operator

Jonathan Baird


Aaron MacWilliam Hughes

Practical Effects Assistant
BTS Camera Operator

This shoot involved a number of new technical experiments for me, for example, really trying a 3-point lighting set up for the first time. It included a lot of practical effects on the computer, using various "scripts" to create fake error messages on screen. This involved a whole lot of extraneous work arounds as the problems would just not stop coming. I also devised a DIY rig with a mic stand and shoulder mount to create an arcing camera motion.
I shot the film in a day using one location, an economically approach to the restrictions of a young filmmaker.
I shot this on my Canon 700D with a RODE VideoMic/Zoom H4N for sound. A selection of cheap LEDs made up my lighting kit.
The original contest the film was made for required music creation with Filmstro, and I also used After Effects for tidying shots and improving my overall aesthetic.