End of Race - My Rode Reel 2017

Thelma Iheanacho /Movienatics Entertainment.
Genre: action

RØDE Gear Used:

DeadCat VMPR

More Information:

Maria told Delvin about the beating she got from her ex-boyfriend before they broke up, but as she told the story, it was affecting Delvin in real life which killed him on the spot. But he was an alien, along with Maria's ex-boyfriend who came spiritually to the venue to tell him how he failed to feed on her pure soul. But Delvin promised to return because he was already in love with her, even though his mission was to reap souls. He walks into oblivion hoping to return soon.

Thelma Iheanacho /Movienatics Entertainment.

Thelma Iheanacho



Camera Operator



Fortune Iheanyi

Actor (Guy)

Chidi Udensi

Creative Crew


Sound Recordist

We show you the making of the movie, 'End of Race' for My Rode Reel 2017. It was Written, directed and produced by me, Thelma Iheanacho. You get to see how we were able to come up with this awesome piece. The equipments we used includes a DSLR camera (Canon 70D), A Rode mic (NTG3), Zoom recorder. The locations we shot in includes a recreational park and a Lodge. This is my first and I'm happy to be part of this. Thanks for voting.

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