Donut Dynamite! | 2017 My Røde Reel

Austin Alimbuyuguen
Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro
Stereo VideoMic

More Information:

You better get these donuts fast because they usually sell out by 11am! Everything they create is from scratch to the top of their flavors and even down to their own sprinkles. The whole operation happens in a tiny shop on Maui.

Austin Alimbuyuguen

Brad Starks

Camera Operator

Austin Alimbuyuguen

Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Motion Graphics
Sound Design

We shot over a 2 day period, the first day we did the interview first then took a tour around the shop to plan out our shots, the 2nd day we shot over a normal workday. We used a Canon C500 as the main camera and a Canon 5D MK II as the secondary camera. We used the Rode VideoMic Pro and Rode Stereo VideoMic for our interview as well as our B-roll to capture some natural sounds.