Taken Care Of...Right - My RØDE Reel 2017

Rampant Film Production
Genre: comedy

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

When the boyfriend of a gangster's daughter appears on the scene, the gangster is less than thrilled by the prospect of a new son-in-law.

A sequel to our 2016 short film , Taken Care of Right follows up on the story of Gangster Jack and his daughter Karen.

Rampant Film Production

John A. Ferguson


John P. Boyle


Filmed in Bellshill, Scotland.
Soundscapes created by www.eromnim3.com
Eromnim3 are - John P. Boyle & Frank McDade
Filmed on a Nikon D5100 (with various lenses). Sound captured on the RØDE NTG2, RØDE Video Mic Pro, with a RØDE Boom Pole.
Variety of shots used.
Edited using Magix Video Pro X.