This House of Mine

The Reaction Theory
Genre: drama horror

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO

More Information:

Based on Hamlet. Some cool kids are having a great night out but something gets out of hand...

The Reaction Theory

Egan Sun-Bin


Yehan Navaratne

Camera Operator

Sapu Dissanayake

Camera Operator

Thomas Lincoln

Creative Crew

You learn to do a lot when you're really poor. So you become very versatile about what you do and what you have. For camera's we used a NIKON D7000 with a VideoMic Go and for extra clarity, we used an NT-USB to make it sound a bit better. The location was shot in my own home due to budget reasons as a student filmmaker... Techniques of Cinematography were inspired by the techniques shown at Cinema Summit 2017. To the best of my ability, I used what those teachers taught into my own filmmaking. Overall you can really see my struggle as a filmmaker and I hope most people can feel my pain.

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