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300 Peso Challenge | My Rode Reel 2019

Team Har Har

VLOG documentary

The Young Gun (My RØDE Reel 2019)

Roan de Neve

drama M

My Rode Reel 2019 - Dystopia

Thomas Dahle

scifi drama

The Stage Manager - My RØDE Reel

Jim Campagna

drama music

BALLOONS | MyRodeReel 2019

Christopher Putlock

action comedy

A Re-Lation-Slip - My Rode Reel

Joshua David Entertainment

drama M

Vipassana| My Rode Reel 2019


documentary VLOG



drama action

Jorber Vlog | My Rode Reel

Hitesh Parsoia

VLOG comedy

rode reel 2019 The Stranded Millennial

Tombstome films

comedy documentary

Reality Television - SHORT FILM

Matheus Hornstein

comedy drama

Cross The Road

Creator Derek Johnstone/ Stonehouse FIlms

comedy drama

BROKEN - MyRodeReel Competition 2019


drama comedy

ZerrySong 二塘の一天

zerry song


The Ultimate Thug Life Comedy Short | Rode Reel 2019

Dev Vora

comedy M

Dragon Tales Short film ( Submission for my Rode Film Festival

Gallagher Productions