Frequently Asked Questions

Entry Requirements

QWhat qualifies my entry into the 'Best RØDE TVC' category?

To qualify for the 'Best RØDE TVC' category, the entry must be a TV Commercial for RØDE Microphones, no longer than 30 seconds in length.

The 'BTS Video' that accompanies your TVC main entry, can be 60 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

QWhat qualifies my entry into the 'Best Virtual Reality' category?

To qualify for the 'Best VR' category, your entry must be filmed with a VR or 360 degree camera, and incorporate in-frame movement as part of the film.

The film can cover any topic you like, as long as it suits the VR format.

QWhat qualifies my entry into the 'Best Vlog' category?

To qualify for the 'Best Vlog' category, people appearing in the film must address the camera in a 1st person narrative style. 

The vlog can cover any topic you like, as long as it suits the 1st person vlog format. 

QWhat are the requirements of entry for My RØDE Reel 2018?

To participate in My RØDE Reel 2018, entrants must create and produce an original short film of a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes in duration.

A behind-the-scenes component – also between 60 seconds and 3 minutes in duration - is also to be included showing a RØDE Product in the use of the production, and both films are to begin with the official My RØDE Reel 2018 Title Card, which is supplied in your official entry pack.

The only exception to these times are entries into the 'Best RØDE TVC' category, for which the main entry video must be no longer than 30 seconds in length. The accompanying BTS can still be 60 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

QWhat are the time limits for the short film and behind-the-scenes videos?

All My RØDE Reel short film entries and BTS videos must be at least sixty seconds in length and no longer than three minutes in length, except for entries into the RØDE TVC Category.

Entries into the RØDE TVC Category must be a maximum of 30 seconds in length.

Videos which exceed these maximum time limits will not be accepted in the entry form.

QDo I have to use a RØDE product to enter?

All My RØDE Reel entries require a RØDE product to be used and shown in the "behind-the-scenes" video. This can be a RØDE microphone or accessory.

QHow long does the title card have to screen for?

Both the main short film & BTS video must use the My RØDE Reel 2018 title card at the start of each video and be displayed for a minimum of three seconds.

The title card is sent in the My RØDE Reel entry pack or downloaded here.

QWhen is the last day to submit my film?

Entry for the My RØDE Reel 2018 short film competition ends at 12:00pm on July 31, 2018 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

QWhere can I view the full terms & conditions for My RØDE Reel?

You can view the full terms & conditions of My RØDE Reel 2018 at

QDo I have to submit any supporting documents with my entry?

No. The entry pack contains a few documents & templates to help you get started with your film.

These are not required to be submitted with your entry.

QAre there any themes or topics that my entry should follow?

There are no themes or key topics that your short film needs to follow.

The concept and story of your short film is totally up to you.

QCan I submit an entry that is not in English?

Yes! We will accept short films in any language. If possible include subtitles for the judging panel.

All non-English films will be eligible for the "Best Non-English Film" category.

QCan I submit a short film made recently?

As long as your short film meets the requirements of My RØDE Reel 2018 and has not been entered into the previous year’s competitions, yes you can enter it into this year's competition.

QCan my entry contain graphic violence, nudity, course language or other mature content?

While there are no strict content guidelines for your short film, if your entry is considered too graphic or contains content that is considered inappropriate we may refuse to accept your entry.

Entries can be flagged with 'Mature Content' on submission for viewer discretion.

QHow long does the approval process take?

Please allow 24-48 hours for your entry to be reviewed for approval.

During the final weeks of the competition we may experience a higher volume of entries, in this time we will endeavour to review all the entries as soon as possible but there may be a longer waiting time.

QThe deadline has passed but my entry has not been approved yet…

During the final days of the competition we may receive a high volume of entries which will cause a longer approval time. Entries received during this time may be approved after the submission deadline and are still eligible for My RØDE Reel 2018.

QAre there any countries that are excluded from My RØDE Reel?

The Competition is free to enter and open to any person, except employees of RØDE and residents of North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The Competition will be void in any other jurisdiction where it is prohibited.

Minors are entitled to enter the Competition, provided they have the consent of a parent or guardian to enter and participate in the Competition, and provide that parent or guardian’s details upon entry to the Competition for verification by RØDE. Entrants shall be considered as Minors for the purpose of the Competition if they are over the age of 13 years old and under the age of 20 years old if they are from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or South Korea, and otherwise over the age of 13 years old and under the age of 18 years old.

QWhy do you need my sex & age details?

Due to some restrictions in some countries and territories, we are required to check the entrants age or in the case of a minor, the consent from a guardian.

The 'Young Filmmaker' award is also only for entrants who are 18 years or under.

Entrants shall be considered as Minors for the purpose of the Competition if they are over the age of 13 years old and under the age of 20 years old if they are from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or South Korea, and otherwise over the age of 13 years old and under the age of 18 years old.

QI'm having issues submitting my entry

If you are having issues submitting your entry, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can use the contact form here.

Awards & Prizes

QWhat is the selection criteria for the 'Young Filmmaker Award'?

The 'Young Filmmaker' award is for entrants who are 18 years or younger at the time of submitting their entry.

The entrant should be the director and owner of the short film.

More information is available in the full terms & conditions page.

QWhat is the selection criteria for 'Best Non-English Film' prize?

To be eligible for the 'Best Non-English Film' prize, the main language of the short film must not be in English to be eligible for this prize.

QWhat is the selection criteria for the 'Female Filmmaker Award'?

The 'Female Filmmaker Award' was introduced to recognise, encourage and promote the contribution of female professionals in the creative industry.

For an entry to be eligible for the 'Female Filmmaker Award', the creator of the short film must identify as female.

More information is available in the full terms & conditions page.

QCan a short film win multiple awards and categories?

Yes, every short film submitted into My RØDE Reel is eligible to win one or multiple award prizes as long as they meet the selection criteria of each award.


QWhy do you have a 'Female Filmmaker' award?

Every year we look at how we can improve My RØDE Reel – in all respects. One of our biggest observations from previous years is that an overwhelming majority of entries were from male filmmakers.

By providing an award that specifically recognises female filmmakers we are hoping that this increases the involvement, just as our Young Filmmaker award succeeded in encouraging young adults to enter My RØDE Reel.

Every entry is eligible for the Judges' Prize, People's Choice, BTS & Young Filmmaker awards. Entrants who are female and select their sex as female on the registration form will also be eligible for the Female Filmmaker award.

It is optional for entrants to nominate their sex when submitting, so female filmmakers can easily opt out of consideration for the this award if they wish and still be considered for all other award categories.

The Pitch

QHow can I enter The Pitch?

There are a few ways to enter The Pitch, whichever way you chose should show off your skills and why you'd be a great fit at RØDE HQ!
1) Enter a Show Reel
You can enter your Show Reel to show off your filmmaking skills, be sure to enter a BTS to show how you used a RØDE product.
2) Enter a piece-to-camera
Filming a piece to camera or vlog is also an option. Your BTS can be used to tell us more specifically about your skill set and show a RØDE product
3) Enter a film for My RØDE Reel and be considered for The Pitch
For example: if you make a killer drama with terrific cinematography, we need to know you are the person responsible for the shots. If you simply wrote the script and directed other skilled persons to do stuff, that’s okay too. Just be clear what you are bringing to the party by highlighting yourself and your contribution in the BTS.

To make sure you're in the running for The Pitch, check The Pitch tick box when submitting your entry.
For more information, see the full terms and conditions here

QIs The Pitch like a job application?

Yes, it is. We are looking at both the quality of the work and the suitability of the applicant for coming and working in our team.

QWhat is the salary?

Good question. This will be a paid position, either salaried or on a per diem basis, depending on the country of origin of the person and the nature of the applicable Australian visa allowed for people from that specific country.
Whether salaried or paid in another official way, The Pitch experience will initially be similar to any other job application: once the entrant has made the top of our shortlist, we will together negotiate a mutually acceptable remuneration package commensurate with the skills and experience of the winner. We want the experience to be once-in-a-lifetime, so our advice is to have a go!

QWhat about the other expenses in the “all-expenses-paid”?

RØDE will ensure the winner is paid enough to live and enjoy themselves during their RØDE experience. Again, depending on the winner’s skills and experience, status, length of stay and Australian visa-eligibility, accommodation and utilities recompense may take the form of per diem payments or be included in the agreed salary.
RØDE will also cover the costs of return travel from your home airport to Sydney, along with any Australian visa application fees.

QIs this like an internship?

Yes, it could be exactly that. If you are the right age and meet the criteria for an Australian Internship visa, that could be the way it goes - and it would be a paid internship. But if an internship-type arrangement isn't suitable for you, we'll do it a different way. It's hard to be specific, as there are a lot of different Australian working visa types. But if you make our shortlist, we'll figure out a way that works best for you.

QDoes the entrant need to be the focus of the entry film?

Not necessarily – this is about the entrant’s quality of work, after all. BUT (!) we want to know more about you and your skillset, so you should include yourself in the Behind-The-Scenes (along with the RØDE product you used in the shoot, naturally) if you haven’t featured in your main video.

QSo, do I need to be a video producer? Or can people in other disciplines like sound designers, graphic designers, set builders, FX-designers enter?

All filmmaking creative personnel are encouraged to enter. We have a full production team here at RØDE - including video producers, production designers, sound recordists, writers, graphics animators and more. If you have skills that could help us deliver dazzling content then we're interested! Just be sure your entry showcases your abilities in either the primary film or the BTS, or both.

QDo I have to come work for RØDE for a full year?

Nope. But we want this to be more than just a short work experience placement, so 3 months is the minimum - note this is also the limit of some types of Australian working visas. 12 months is the maximum time.