Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a script, treatment or visual storyboard to the my RØDE reel website between 1st December 2017 and 15th January 2018. It should be between one and four pages in length, and be capable of being made into a three minute film. It should be in Microsoft Word .doc or PDF format.
Anything at all! It can be any genre, and on any topic – a drama, comedy, documentary – it’s up to you. Just ensure that your script isn’t defamatory or objectionable, and that it’s reasonably practical to film it over three days here in Sydney, Australia.
If you win, we will pay for return economy flights for you to Sydney from your nearest international airport. We’ll pay for three days hotel accommodation here in Sydney, along with meals and refreshments. And you’ll get to work with the amazing RØDE video production crew to bring your film to life, as well as creating a behind-the-scenes featurette.
The exact role you will play in the production depends on your interests and skills – but yes, we’d love for you to be the Director, if that’s possible! Note however that the RØDE video production crew will retain final say on decisions relating to filming and editing.
A treatment is a description of the film, encompassing the storyline, characters and settings. It does not have to include actual dialogue, although it can include key lines.
A visual storyboard is a graphical representation of a film, usually representing a near shot-by-shot outline of the film. It can look something like a cartoon or graphic novel. It may include some words or text, but does not have to.
A script is the written-out dialogue for the film, plus directions for actors, settings, props etc.
The winner will be selected by the RØDE panel of judges based on originality, creativity and practicality (can the film be realised within timescales and budget). No correspondence will be entered into, and the judges’ decision is final.
We would have loved to accept entries in any language, but the practicalities of having lots of scripts translated just to judge them made it impossible. However, we encourage entries from those for whom English is not a first language – note that imperfect English language will not be a part of the judging criteria.
If you are selected as the winner, we will first work with you to finalise the script – this may just be a final review (if the script is complete), or could include a substantial amount of scriptwriting (if you entered a treatment or storyboard). This will be a collaborative process, but note RØDE retains final say on any changes and revisions.
For legal reasons, we are unable to bring minors to Sydney and onto a film set. Sorry to any budding young writers out there. Lawyers said no.
We will be shooting the winning film on three consecutive days between the 5th and the 28th February 2018; the exact schedule will depend on the winner’s availability, as well as the schedule of the RØDE video production crew and any other actors, venues etc that may be needed. Whilst we will try our best to accommodate the winner’s preferred dates, the final dates will be at the sole discretion of RØDE.
Unfortunately, if you are unable to travel to Sydney in February on any acceptable filming dates – for example because of work, or because you cannot get a visa in time – then you will not be eligible to be the winner. We will do our very best to try to accommodate the needs of the winner in this regard, but cannot make any guarantees.