Skin Deep (My RØDE Reel 2018)

Team Skin Deep
Genre: horror comedy
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


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Logline: A pastry shop owner tears herself apart to catch the eye of a customer.

All practical fx, no After Effects, 'Skin Deep' peels back the curtain on the lengths we'll go in the pursuit of love.

Team Skin Deep

Ryan Couldrey


Sabrina Spilotro

Director of Photography
BTS Editor

Ali Chappell


Diana Chappell


Steve Kasan


Sara Feehan

SPFX Makeup Creator and Designer

Ana Traudeth

Hair and Makeup FX Assistant

Nyssa Glück

Camera Assistant

Suri Parmar

BTS Videographer

Rebecca Grenier

BTS Videographer

Kevin Krouglow

Additional Music Mixing and Arrangement

The BTS for 'Skin Deep' showcases the nutty practical FX created by Sara Feehan, who details how she created the practical FX lifecasts for actors Diana and Ali Chappell (our mother/daughter duo) and Steve Kasan. Following the lifecasting session, we go behind the scenes on the 2 days of filming the horror short. Shot on location in Toronto, specifically the apartment of the film's writer and of the Cakes Cove bakery with a killer crew. On-set sound for the short was recorded with the Rode NTG-2 inside a Rode Blimp into a Tascam DR60-D. Most of DOP Sabrina Spilotro's shots (filmed with Rokinon Cine DS glass) were made to "breathe" by having our FS700+Odyssey Q mounted on a Kessler Crane Travel Jib, with two shots (including the final frames) filmed with a split dioptre filter. The film was then cut together in Adobe Premiere CC 2018.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: