Bad Kiwis : My Rode Reel 2017

Deb Foster & Rebecca McFadzien
Genre: comedy action

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

In this outrageous comedy, two kiwi actresses in the city of Los Angeles are auditioning for a travel commercial. The only problem is, they must venture into unknown territory and risk grave danger by posing as their biggest threat - the Australian woman.

Deb Foster & Rebecca McFadzien

Erik Smith

Camera Operator/Audio/Grip/Editor

Kevin Krieger

BTW Camera and editor

For this sketch comedy we used a handful of Rode products. For principal audio we used the NTG4+ and aluminum boom pole. For the behind the scenes camera we had the Rode Video micro and we even had a Video Mic Pro on our prop camera in the video! We filmed in two locations both acoustic obstacles to work around. First was an art studio located in an old airport hanger. Tons of reverb and of'course planes taking off every few minutes. The second location was in downtown Los Angeles and also had lots of reverb as well as tons of ambient city noise. Sirens, buses, screaming people etc. If only Rode mics weren't so good, they hear everything!! :-)

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