My RØDE Reel : Andy's Room - Coping (Official Music Video)

Samuel McIntosh/VOID Productions

RØDE Gear Used:

DeadCat GO

More Information:

Shot live during the release show of their new single, Andy's Room - Coping (Official Music Video) gives an intimate look at the up-and-coming band. Shot by a group of high school students working to start their own production company, this video was a breakthrough in their understanding of working professionally as well as what they are capable of achieving as a team. We hope you enjoyed it!

Directed by Samuel McIntosh
Edited by Josh Chung
Shot by Walter Kim, Thomas Shields, Samuel McIntosh, & Josh Chung

Samuel McIntosh/VOID Productions

Samuel McIntosh

Camera Operator

Josh Chung

Camera Operator

Walter Kim

Camera Operator

Thomas Shields

Camera Operator

Shooting this music video for the band Andy's Room was a big step up in terms of the amount of time and hard work we put in as a Production company. Being high school students, it was difficult to find motivation and time to run a independent production company all out of pocket, but after we created this video I realized through dedication and tireless work we could create an end product that we were proud of. Because the video was shot live, I made sure we had multiple Canon DSLRs shooting at once, with shotgun Rode Mics attached so that we could sync up in post without missing any part of the one-time performance. Moving forward, I'm hoping to gain some higher level gear to improve my companies films through the Rode Reel contest, as well as gain confidence in the films me and my company put out, now and in the future. Thank you for your consideration.

- Samuel McIntosh, founder and creative director
VOID Productions