Violet - My Rode Reel Entry 2017
Genre: horror drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

Melissa Miller, and Mark Hanson, are two millennials who
have been casually dating. They take an Uber ride to Melissa’s
house to further spend time with each other, to chit-chat, over
coffee. However, after a visit from a neighbor, Mark quickly
learns that there’s more brewing away than meets the eye.

Darius Hill

Camera Operator

Chavantay Howard

Art Department

Quin Benton

Director of Photography

Paxson Campbell

Sound Recordist

Kiya Ren

Sound Recordist

John Thomas

Sound Recordist

Chasmin Rodgers


I really wished that 7D didn't die that day because, our B cam became our A, and our BTS cam became our B Cam. I know it sounds crazy but things like this happens.

Overall we shot for a 6 minute film and had to cut it down to 3 minutes. I feel like we got the story told still.

Those are actual body parts in the beginning of the movie. Lol not really but really not really really but really.

Thanks Tarius for letting me use your house all day. Thanks Shay for doing the MUA and slick producing the film. Thanks Kiya for doing whatever I told you. Thanks Paxson for showing up on Sunday to record one thing for me. Thank you Q for rocking with me no matter how long I go over my dedicated time. Thanks to my wonderful cast Laura, Chrissy, and Bryan; you all where amazing to work with. You made me want to be better the moment I started talking to you. Thanks Mom for the house I will forever owe you wonderful women.