Israel Dasco/Palmtree MediaWorks
Genre: drama

RØDE Gear Used:

Micro Boompole Pro
Boompole Clips
MiCon Cable (1.2m)

More Information:

The guys are ready to shoot a documentary interview, when the Director arrives, he is very impress with the set but rejects the microphone on set and demands for another microphone precisely a rode mic else there would be no production for the day.

Israel Dasco/Palmtree MediaWorks

Cephas Akpata

Creative Crew

Chris Gabriel

Sound Recordist

Odage Ayo

Camera Operator

Israel Dasco


This is behind the scene of the short film THE PROFESSIONAL. The film was shot a day, we used one side of our office for the set.
I used the rode videomicro microphone to capture the sound also had a NTG2 on set, we had three canon cameras on set but I used canon 6D (50mm 1.8f & 18-55mm 3.5-5.6f) for the film. I shoot hand held using my DIY rig. Edit and color grade with adobe premiere pro cc. the background music is from music bed.

Watch the BTS