The Chase

"The Chase" production team
A short story about the significant encounter that happened during the stark, dark night in mysterious circumstances

Behind the scenes of The Chase

We used RODE blimp, video mic and Micro Boompole Pro to record pure sound on the set and some extra sounds like running

RØDE gear used

Micro Boompole Pro

"The Chase" production team

Oleg Karpenko - "Agent Allen, a man in a suit"

Dmitry Saranskov - "Robert, a barman"

Julia Yakubovska - "Angela, chased woman"

Nickita Budantsov - Director and screenplay author

Roman Bobyr - Director of Photography

Oleg Karpenko - Executive producer

Veronika Samoylenko - Executive producer

Nickita Budantsov - Producer

Oleksandr Samson - Sound engineer

Denys Bobov - Assistant sound engineer

Dmitry Stepanov - Music composer

Paul Blohin - Sound Designer

Dmitry Stepanov - Sound Designer

Paul Blohin - Sound Editor

Andrey Ilyin - Colorist

Svetlana Rachkova - Make up artist

Oleksandr Rebenchuk - Focus puller

Mykola Chaban - Focus puller

Alexander Movchan - Lighting designer

Anton Ryabkov - VFX, CG

Dmitry Sokol - VFX, CG

Denis Chernobaiev - BTS

Natalya Kvashina - Property master, decorator

Aleksey Orlov - Property master, decorator

Nikolay Scherbakov - Property master, decorator

Vladimir Sarkisov - Property master, decorator

Nickita Budantsov - Editor

Veronika Samoilenko - Editor's assistant

Maksym Arabadzhyi - Assistant