Dream time - My Rode Reel 2016

Soner Metin
A young man living a boring 9 till 5 job soon acquires the ability to travel to alternate dimensions and live completely different lives through his dreams. The key to this ability is behind the spiritual numbers 11:11. He soon awakens back in his original dimension looking for answers.

Behind the scenes of Dream time - My Rode Reel 2016

Filming Dream time was an incredible experience where i got the chance to film in some beautiful locations like Richmond park in London, England. Being a wildlife reserve there were a great variety of animals including large deer which i was able to use in my film. I used the mirrorless Sony A7 camera paired with the Røde VideoMic Pro to capture all audio throughout the film also utilising the Røde Micro Boompole. I used many cinematic techniques to enhance my story such as Hitchcocks rule. Enjoy!

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro