I saw the sea

Reece de Ville / devillefilm
'i saw the sea' captures a moment in time for one time traveller. Only able to glimpse his own past in waves and ripples. Forgotten and recalled anew with the tide.

Behind the scenes of I saw the sea

I was on holiday with my family by the coast in the UK and I saw the RODE tweet about only having 48hrs left to complete the short story contest.

Having only bought my 5DMK2 and RODE mic with me and not having any time to pull together anything complex, I decided to use what was around me. Mainly shots of my son from the beach the previous day and location shots around the seafront.

I had to be quick as time - like the tide in the film - was running out. This pretty much confirmed my use of a VO - with a quick script written by my brother Adam (after a hasty phone call!). I used an idea I'd had about a time traveller looking back at moments of his life, trapped forever to re-live the same event, nothing more or less. Due to time constraints, I couldn't use as many ideas as I had, but the constraint really helped in focusing and just getting the film done.

I used a Canon 5DMK2 with RODE VIdeomic and 24-105mm lens. Using Final Cut Pro 7 to edit and a few simple tricks from there (no time for Red Giant Magic Bullet rendering etc!).

I think it's a nice, haunting little piece - enjoy!


RØDE gear used


Reece de Ville / devillefilm

Reece de Ville - Director, Editor, Actor (VO)