Love Letters to Vancouver

Polka Dot Rocket
I read somewhere that Manhattan was Woody Allen's love letter to New York and I basically fell in love with that idea. So much so that I decided we should do it. This is part one in a series of our Vancouver love letter.

Behind the scenes of Love Letters to Vancouver

Basically this shoot was about as one Man band as you can get. It was just me the DJI Osmo, Senhieser ME66 in the road Blimp plugged into the Tascam DR70 all strapped on to me or held with my various appendages or awkwardly placed in places as the case may be when it started to rain So essentially I was director sound op, DP and cameraman all-in-one which is why it was not surprising to find myself running into things on occasion.

Well that might sound impressive what was truly impressive is that both Winter and Josh first saw the script right before we decided to film they were Learning their lines as we went. And there's a lot of lines!!

RØDE gear used


Polka Dot Rocket

Reilly - Director/Cinematographer/Sound/Editing

Winter Mason Von Halteren - Actor

Josh B Graham - Actor

Reilly Lievers - Writer