Stuck in Reality

Stephen Yu
In a not so distant future, people has become more depended on living in Virtual Reality. The cost of living in it, is that he or she has to stay in Virtual Reality for at least one week, hence it has become more addictive like a drug.
In this short film, we revolve around a couple which because of the effects of VR, it made them not a couple.

Behind the scenes of Stuck in Reality

The short film was shot in one day. To control the light in the room, we used lots of bin bags, and tapes.

The Stabilization is done in post through adobe premiere cs6, by going through warp stabilizer.

The color pattern we choose in color grading is blue and red. Blue means the character is under the influence of the VR, while red means the character is not under the influence of the VR. At times you can see the color is getting more contrast, more under graded or mixed.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Me
VideoMic Pro

Stephen Yu

Stephen Yu - Director

Jackie Cai - Assistant Director

Alan Wen - Assistant Director

Caitlin Diaz - Actress

Andrew Mcgregor - Actor

Cinematographer - Joshie Chin

Sound director - Liam Wheatley

assistant Sound Director - James Kay

Producer - Alvin Zhong