Disruptive Studios
A meetup between an undercover cop and a drug smuggler gets out of hand when two companions of the smuggler are seen by the cops' colleagues. But what exactly preceeded this meetup and how is everyone related?

Behind the scenes of Deception

Rode NTG 1
Zoom H5 Recording device

Nikon D800e
Nikkor 14-24mm
Nikkor 24-70mm
Nikkor 85mm
DJI Phantom Drone

Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere Pro
Cubase 5
Sony Vegas Pro

Our Movie is shot in Full HD - 25FPS

Several Locations in Antwerp,Many Thanks to Filmcel Stad Antwerpen and Ooms & Partners Project Development

RØDE gear used


Disruptive Studios

Steven Lemmens - Director / Producer / Sound Recording / Cameraman / Scenario / Location Hunter

Gregory Bossanyi - co-Director / DOP / Cameraman / Editor / Sound editor / Script / Soundtrack

Matthias Witvrouw - Visual Effects / Sound Recording / Cameraman / Behind The scenes

Ruud De Winde - Drone Pilot / Behind The scenes / Runner /

Nele Avonds - Stylist / scripteditor / Catering / Runner

Zsusanna Bossanyi - Special Effects / Runner / Catering / Make-Up

Olivier Bisback - Fight-scene Choreographer

Lynn Blancquaert - Subtitling

Filmcel Stad Antwerpen - Arrangements Locations

Nico Vandepoel / Soundq BVBA - Rentals Video & Soundrecording

Maks Konings / Turnlab - Rentals Soundrecording

Ooms & Partners - Location Rental