Work with Me

Tanner Charnstrom
A man has been called to interrogate a girl to find out where her brother is. The man is a wild card. He can be smiling one minute then mad the next. Does the girl know where her brother is or is the man wasting time?

Behind the scenes of Work with Me

Set in the 1970s we needed to get that look. The location is a house built in 1979 owned by a friend. The costumes were borrowed from my school drama teacher Mrs. Carroll-Jackson. Some were bought from a second hand store. The car was owned by the main character. Shot on the Canon 7D with a 17-40 L lens borrowed from my photography teacher. The Rode NTG2 with boom pole and shock mount were rented from Tempe Camera. I own the Rode VideoMic Go.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO

Tanner Charnstrom

Lisa Charnstrom - Producer

Blake Bays - BTS Cameraman

Dan Charnstrom - Location Scout

Franco Masuello - Boom Operator