Can a letter change your life?

The Short film “Can a letter change your life” is about a guy who lost somebody and therefore got depression. The main subject of the movie is the possibility of escaping a depression through simply receiving a motivational letter. Is this realistic?

Behind the scenes of Can a letter change your life?

We recorded the sound on the set with the Rode Videomicro mounted on the Camera Lumix FZ-150. Everything which wasn’t well recorded was re-recorded during post-production with the Rode M3. We lightened the scenes with some regular light bulbs. The camera was either rigged on a Manfrotto Tripod or on a cheap flycam depending on the shot.
Our location for shooting was just a regular kitchen and a few other parts of a house.

RØDE gear used



Johannes Buchholz - Director, Camera, Post-Production

DutPoet - Actor, Soundtrack