Triple Nine Picture
James is a new freelancer in town and just got out from his office. He ask for help from bambang to train him before meets with the client. But unfortunately he forgot bring his portfolio. Want know more? watch now! :D

Behind the scenes of PORTFOLIO

The hardest part shooting this film is the location. We only have 5 hours and also with very noisy environment. The restaurant didn't not let us turn off the air conditioner and freezer. So we use a lot of sound reduction.
But we take record again in my friend house and using smartlav+ direct connect to iPhone. The results is great which you can hear on toilet part.

RØDE gear used


Triple Nine Picture

Kenny Saputra - Director & Writer

Yonathan Lingawan Senjaya - Hans

Handrie Sutanto - James

Henokh Setiawan - Bambang