Release - Shortfilm

Melody Schröder & Celine Elsner
'Release' is about a young woman who lost her sister last year and who has to celebrate her birthday the first time without her.
It is about acceptance and moving on in life.

Behind the scenes of Release - Shortfilm

Release was shot on a Canon EOS 6D with a shoulderrig and a slider for all moving shots. For audio we used the Rode NTG2 with Zoom H4n (with Rode Boompole) and the Rode Videomicro.

For editing we used Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 / CC and Adobe After Effects CS 5.5. The music, which was composed by Celine Elsner, was recorded with Logic Pro X.

All Scenes were shot on one shooting day and on one location.

RØDE gear used


Melody Schröder & Celine Elsner

Melody Schröder - Director, Cinematographer

Celine Elsner - Editor, Music

Monika Sobetzko - "Alexis"

Pauline Claußen - "Alissa"

Alina Rudenko - Sound

Umay Dikici - Gaffer