The Apartment

Micah Estrosa
A young girl walking down a street found an apartment right before her. She got curious and went inside but little did she know that there was someone else inside.

Behind the scenes of The Apartment

We shot this film around 3pm-6pm on a cloudy day as we decided to color grade the film instead of shooting at night due to the lack of dynamic range and low light capability of the camera that we used, the Nikon D5300. We couldn't record on set as there was loud music from one of the neighbors so we chose to foley everything. A Glidecam HD-2000 and a slider was used for the follow and dolly shots.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro

Micah Estrosa

Micah Estrosa - Director/ Actor/ Editor/ Foley Artist

Mark Legaspi - Cinematographer/ Colorist

Keijzer Mortiz - Scriptwriter/ Actor