Andrew's Song

Calen Coates
Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately want to help someone, but either there’s nothing you can do or the person you’re trying to help refuses to listen? This film explores a situation many of us have been in when Andrew tries to confront his friend Cecilia about her black eye. Unfortunately for Andrew, Cecilia is unwilling to admit to her problem leaving Andrew alone to worry about it.

Behind the scenes of Andrew's Song

The crew was comprised of students from Biola University's freshman class--this allowed us to rent a lot of equipment for free. In particular, we rented Kino Flows, Arri lights, and a Fisher Dolly. Additionally, thanks to our DP's internship with a local church we were able to rent a Red Scarlet Dragon with Canon and Sigma lenses. We shot this at our Gaffer's house in Burbank. All in all it was an easy shoot, and a fun learning experience. We were very fortunate to have great equipment provided to us at no cost.

RØDE gear used


Calen Coates

Calen Coates - Director

Daniel Vandehoef - DP

Hayden Warner - Cam Op

Reyna Rosalez - 1st AC

Rebekah Swan - 2nd AC and BTS

Emily Inaba - Gaffer

Josh Au - Grip

Adam Deibert - Grip

Maggie Ryan - Makeup

Sophia Nordell - AD

Katie Morton - "Cecilia"

Cameron Dammann - "Andrew"

Yana Lee - Sound

Paul Davis - Casting Director