This Is It

Parquin Lane Productions Ltd.
A film about Casey and Alex. It was love at first site until Alex looses trust in Casey and storms out. Casey is angry and reconciliation is not possible. Only years later does Casey learn what he missed.

Behind the scenes of This Is It

A quick timelapse showing us using the Rode Boompole and NTG2 on an interior shot (at 10 seconds) and filming the drinking scene. The Pole and NTG2 are also seen reflected in a door (sigh) at 00:48.

Then a discussion of using an NT4 to record a 'signature' sound: a clock ticking with the rhythm of a heartbeat which was then processed (EQ and Subharmonics) to morph into a heartbeat. (see: 00:51)

Finally, beginning at 01:03, outtakes from one day's martini shot.

RØDE gear used

Boompole Bag

Parquin Lane Productions Ltd.

Mike Milton - Producer / Director

George S Janca - Director of Photography

Jenn Janca - Alex

Stephen Janca - Casey

Jaimy Warner - Script / The part of Maria

Mark Eaves - The voice Casey Jr.

Mike Winkie - Sound

Mark Eaves - Sound (BTS only)