Strings That Bind Us

Studio 8
A homeless man struggling with his own demons finds a way to fulfill a promise he made to a fallen brother in arms.

Behind the scenes of Strings That Bind Us

This is our first attempt at shooting a movie. We shot it on two canon cameras and a Rode Go mic. What a great mic for the price, it made a huge difference.
We shot the whole movie in St. Catharines at local sites and was able to get the assistance of a local café to shoot most of the indoor scenes.
We used Adobe Premiere and After Effects for editing.
Our Hero, also doubled as our sound engineer and if you heard the raw footage you would understand what a great job he did, as there was a lot of background noise he had to clean.
He also wrote the score and recorded it in a basement studio using a Rode NT1 mic and boom stand. Our budget was $187, that is Canadian so that works out to about .67 cents US.
Hope you enjoy it, it was fun to make...

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO

Studio 8

Elie BenDavid - Producer

Elie BenDavid - Writer

Elie BenDavid - Director