Skateboarding in Shenzhen

pretty fly for a 老外
It is a short interview about skateboarding in Shenzhen, China.
When I had just arrived to Shenzhen I immediately noticed many sweet spots for skateboarding and many skateboarders. Shenzhen is actually in Top 10 of the best cities for skateboarding.
I shot this video as a part of a bigger documentary about skateboarding in Shenzhen. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes of Skateboarding in Shenzhen

That was a real fun experience. We've got an amazing spot in Shenzhen Civic Center where our talent CBass poped some tricks and told us a little bit about skateboarding scene in Shenzhen. We used two DSLR cameras: Nikon and Canon, and two Rode mics: VideoMic Pro, RX-CAM Camera-Mounted Wireless Receiver and TX-BELTBeltpack Wireless Transmitter. We also used a drone Phantom 2 Pro for pans and full shots. I edited the footage in Adobe Premiere.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro

pretty fly for a 老外

Uliana Ivanova - creator, director, camera, editor

Sebastian - talent

Aliki - camera

Dima Kniazev - drone pilot