Into The Woods

Socially Awkward Productions
Jake and Ally have bet. Enter the forest where a 300 year old massacre occurred and survive, but is everything as it seems?

Behind the scenes of Into The Woods

This BTS was filmed in Langley BC Canada, in a backyard. We use the Rode Mic Video micro for our sound. Camera was a Canon 5D mark 2, using 2 lenses a Canon 50mm and a Tamron 28-200mm. In the video you can see us testing the mic, for running, length and general shaking ( although we did shake it a little harder then the average person would be using it) and the sound was awesome.

RØDE gear used


Socially Awkward Productions

Keri-lee Griffiths - Director/Actor/Script Writer

Sarah Diamond - Director of Cinematography/Editor/Costume Designer

Brian Baybay - Actor

Jon Barrett - Actor/ Creator of Music

Gareth Griffiths - Sound Tech/ Gear Tech

Teena Miller - Transport/Boom Mike Operator

Sam De Leon - PA

Locations - Penner Family