Screen Kitchen
How to know you're being robbed in five simple steps...  Burglary is a short film satire and direct guide to being burgled.

Behind the scenes of Burglary

Shot on Canon C300 with Canon Cine Primes.
Sound - NTG2 into Tascam DR40, Rode Boompole and Rode Videomic for BTS.
Slider shot on Kessler cineslider.

Lighting gear - Area 48, 2x Arri 650 tungsten with CT straw. 1 Blondie on a Road Runner for exterior shots,
1x1 LED panel.

BTS shot on Canon 6D + GoPro Hero 4 on a gimbal.
Edited in Premiere CC 2015/ VFX - AE 2015
Graded in Davinci Resolve 12

RØDE gear used

Boompole Bag

Screen Kitchen

Will Godson - Director

Kate Tartsus - DOP/ Producer

Rajiv Agarwal - Sound Recordist / Sound Designer

Glen Cook - Gaffer

Amy Sutton - Production Design / Continuity

Tanya Timmers - BTS videographer

Jessica Welsh - Illustrator

Sam Russo - Cast - Reader

Roberto Zenca - Cast - Burglar