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Lego Nerd Meets Neanderthal
Pieter Joubert
Lego Nerd Meets Neanderthal is a Lego Stop Motion Animation where two vastly different characters meet, one of which is from modern day civilisation and the other from prehistoric times. The collision of their worlds cause them to fall back on the technology available at their respective points in history to preserve what they seem to value most. Preservation of material things of value versus Preservation of life and environment.
Behind the scenes...
The stop motion was shot on a Canon DSLR 7D as was the Behind The Scenes. The stop motion was edited with iStopMotion 3 my macbook pro 13" and the BTS on Final Cut Pro with an iMac 27". Playback of the stop motion video clip for sound FX recording was done on a Macbook air 13". Sound FX was recorded with a Rode Mic NTG 2 onto a Zoom H4N in my garage where some house hold items were used. I also improvised with my mouth on some of the FX needed. The rest was FCP's Sound Ideas. A pistol grip as well as mic stand was used to mount the NTG2. We lit the Lego set with 2 Arri Red Heads (800W) lights and used a lot of Prestik to keep loose brick elements from shifting around.

Using this RØDE gear:

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