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Don't Steal My Melons - Short Film (My Rode Reel 2014)
Clawmountain Studios
When a Thief steals something valuable from a Knight, a chase will ensue for weeks leading both men to fight for what they believe is true, to which of course, a battle of epic proportions will take place!
Behind the scenes...
For this film we used the Rode NTG2 for Audio, a Sony Nex VG 900 with 18-200mm Zoom lens and an 85mm lens along with a Sony Nex VG 10 for the behind the scenes shooting with an 18-200mm Zoom Lens. We used all practical effects, there is no CG whatsoever, besides of course the title card. Everything you see if how we shot it, all of the stunts were done by the actors themselves. We used a lot of fast zooming and movement techniques, as well as going handheld to allow for a more gritty feel for the film. In Post Production we used the Adobe Creative Cloud, utilizing Premiere Pro, for all of the editing, After Affects for the making of the title card and Audition for designing all of the unique sword effects for the film which were completely original for this film. Our Music came from the YouTube Audio Library which we are using with in the guidelines of the rules they put on the music. We also color graded the film in Premiere and used Media Encoder to render the film.

Using this RØDE gear:

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