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Our judges will be looking for originality and creativity, for an interesting and compelling podcast that leaves them wanting more. They will also be looking at the production quality – how clean the sound is, use of music or sound effects, good editing technique, vocal delivery, flow and so on.
Mike Dawson

Voice, engineer and co-producer of The Adam Carolla Show - Guinness World Record holder for Most Downloaded Podcast

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Dawson has been in Southern California for more than half of his life. You hear him at the beginning and end of every Adam Carolla Show, and also as the announcer for Blah Blah Blog and Totally Topical Tivo Trivia Time Today.

In 2013, Dawson started his own company, DawsAngeles LLC, specialising in voice over, audio imaging and music production, live concerts and events, and hosting The World Championship of Guacamole (seriously).

Jacob Salamon

Co-founder and CEO of WISECRACK - reaching over 50 million people a month

WISECRACK is a Los Angeles-based media collective of artists, filmmakers, comedians, and academics who share an endless curiosity for exploring and questioning the world around us. At WISECRACK, Jacob fuses his passions for design, education, broadcasting, and technology by serving as the creative director and producer for all its projects.

WISECRACK reaches more than 50 million people per month with its slate of creative, thought-provoking YouTube shows and podcasts, including Deep or Dumb, The Philosophy of Everything, Thug Notes, Earthling Cinema, Show Me the Meaning!, The Squanch and 8-Bit Philosophy.

Jordon Lott

Content coordinator at Acast and producer of The Thinkergirls podcast

As a content coordinator at Acast – the largest international podcast marketplace in the world – Jordon lives and breathes podcasts, channelling a passion for audio and storytelling that began during her time studying Creative Arts at Deakin University in Melbourne.

She is also the producer of hugely popular pod channel The Thinkergirls, a show hosted by Stacey June and Kristie Mercer "talking all the thoughts you're thinking but not saying" - you may have heard them on their KIIS FM radio show of the same name.

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