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How to Make a News and Reviews Podcast, With Trevor Long, Creator of 'EFTM' and 'Two Blokes Talking Tech'

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Trevor Long is one of Australia’s most respected and well-known technology commentators. He appears regularly on Channel 9’s The Today Show, along with appearances on A Current Affair and segments on Your Money Live. He appears weekly on over 50 radio stations across Australia with tech news and reviews, writes for his own online publication and produces two successful podcasts; Two Blokes Talking Tech and EFTM.

Below, Trevor takes us through the processes and predicaments involved with making a compelling, authoritative news and reviews podcast.

The Idea

I was doing a weekly radio show, but I got so many emails and questions, I had more content than could fit. So I created my own “radio show” in the form of a podcast. That grew and expanded and I’m now doing several, plus running a website and a range of other media commitments.


My approach to podcasting is similar to live TV or radio – go in with an idea, a concept, a desired outcome, and deliver the content without scripting to ensure a real sense of honesty and realism in the review. In the example I have put together for My RØDE Cast, I’ve put a single review together as if it were to be inserted into a show. In reality, I would do the review live, as part of an overall show.


In my view, every single different bit of content should be separated or differentiated by a sting or ID. A sting being a short sharp bit of music, an ID being the same but with a branded voiceover.


When it comes to reviews of products, I like to keep it simple. Who is this item for, what is so good about it, what should you look out for, and what have I learned from using it in the review.

Repeating in part my earlier point, I don’t script things. If anything, I write dot points of the key areas I want to cover. If you overly script something that is meant to be delivered from your heart or point-of-view, it can sound less genuine, so be cautious not to sound like you are reading at any time.


While today I use a RØDECaster Pro to mix live - on-the-go - a full program without interruption end-to-end, it wasn’t long ago that, because of the types of segments I was doing (recorded caller talkback, reviews, and news), I would have individual segments that I would then mix together in post-production.

Each segment would start with a sting or ID to ensure there was that separation, but that post-production was easy because it was just about edging each segment together before the final mix-down.

Trevor Long


I quit my full-time job just on three years ago, and haven’t looked back since. I’m lucky to have found a niche that has corporate support, and marketers and companies willing to invest in marketing with no direct ROI measure, plus – it’s fun!


Podcasting is a breeze, it’s the easiest part of everything I do. Four or five years ago the whole process was hard from recording, uploading, XML editing etc. But now, with publishing tools like Whooshkaa and recording tools like the RØDECaster Pro, it’s just utterly simple.

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