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Lavalier microphone for smartphones

View our smartLav video playlist
View our smartLav video playlist
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  • Professional Lavalier Mic with TRRS Jack
  • Omni-directional condenser capsule
  • Discrete 4.5mm miniature microphone
  • Compatible with iOS devices and select Android devices*
  • Includes wind shield and durable mounting Clip
  • Twelve month warranty

The smartLav is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever professional quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.

With the smartLav the user simply mounts the microphone on the talent, connects it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack and records via the RØDE Rec app for iOS, or any other audio app of their choice.

By employing a high quality omni-directional condenser capsule the smartLav picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation.

A foam pop shield is supplied to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard ‘b’, ‘t’ and ‘p’ sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management.

The smartLav is compatible with any audio app that accepts input from the headset connection, however it has been designed to pair perfectly with RØDE’s RØDE Rec app for Apple iOS devices. RØDE Rec turns the user’s iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalisation presets to suit various recording situations, in addition to professional editing functions and the ability to publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox direct from the app.

smartLav Specifications
smartLav Specifications
Acoustic PrinciplePressure Gradient
Active ElectronicsJFET
Polar Pattern
Address TypeEnd
Frequency Range20Hz - 20kHz
Output Impedance
Sensitivity-32.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.50mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Weight 6.00g
Dimensions1180.00mmH x 4.50mmW x 4.50mmD
Output TRRS Output
Warranty 1 year
View our smartLav video playlist
View our smartLav video playlist
smartLav Reviews
smartLav Reviews

For the price, the smartLav is an incredibly effective solution that delivers very good quality audio in place of a more expensive lapel mic or wireless system.

Lexy Savvides

What it comes down to is if you ever need to capture audio for interviews or you think you may need to one day, my suggestion would be to pick up a RØDE SmarLav and have it in your bag at all times. If your option is the built in microphone or the SmarLav the difference is night and day, it’s a no brainer. The ability to capture professional sounding audio for as little as $60 could be the difference between getting the job or not.

I fully recommend this product based on its value, quality and ease of use.

Jared Polin
Fro Knows Photo

We tested it outdoors and found the smartLav to do an excellent job of clearly picking up our voices while excluding the extraneous noises of wind and wildlife around us. Drop off was practically non-existent as we turned away from the mic and back again. The overall sound quality was very good.

Microphone of the Year 2013

Mark Holder

To be clear, this is not a studio microphone. Rather, this is an inexpensive, totally convenient portable voice recording solution that’s great for recording one person speaking. If you’re giving a presentation and you want to record yourself, this is the best bargain I’ve seen for an unobtrusive, decent-sounding audio track.

Matthew McGlynn
Recording Hacks

Poor interview audio is really inexcusable these days – even for shooters on limited budgets. If you can’t afford a high quality wireless mic or need to mic up multiple people on set then here is an elegant and inexpensive solution from RØDE.

Matthew Allard
News Shooter
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smartLav Support
  • How do I export my recording to my computer from RØDE Rec?+
    • RØDE Rec offers a number of convenient export options including SoundCloud, DropBox, FTP, email and web browser, but possibly the most common method is be an export direct to computer via a wired connection. In RØDE Rec (and RØDE Rec LE) this is known as 'iTunes File Sharing' as it relies on Apple's iTunes program to retrieve the files from your device.

      To download your files, just follow these easy steps:

      1. View the recording and click on the 'share' button in the bottom right corner
      2. Tap 'iTunes File Sharing'
      3. Tap 'Create Audio File'
      4. Now you are able to select your preferred audio format. RØDE Rec LE will have limited options but the full version gives you eight popular codecs to choose from. Note that you can select multiple formats also.
      5. Tap 'Create Audio File'
      6. Now connect your phone to your computer if you haven't already done so.
      7. Open iTunes and Select your device
      8. Click on the 'Apps' tab at the top of the screen and then select RØDE Rec (or RØDE Rec LE) from the 'File Sharing' section.

      9. Select the file you wish to transfer and click 'save as' to save the file to your computer


      Currently RØDE Rec does not support batch exporting of files, but we are working very hard to incorporate this feature.


If you have a question or a support enquiry about the smartLav head over to our contact page to get in touch or locate your local distributor here

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