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A soldier narrates his thoughts about the war, and life, as we follow him through battle, and to his end.
Behind the scenes...
To make a stop motion, I use a Nikon D7000 tethered to a frame capture program called Dragonframe. After taking a lot of pictures, I stitch them together in post production. Played back quickly, at about 15 frames per second, the images give the illusion of motion. The entire film uses about 2,000 images, taken over the course of 4 evenings (6:30pm - 12:00am), and one entire day. I recorded some sound effects using the RØDE NTG-2 Shotgun microphone. Other sounds were downloaded with attribution 3.0, meaning I can use with credit. Finally, I cast a single voice actor to do the monologue of the soldier we follow through battle. With the days of the internet, the voice actor was arranged, given the scripts, and sent his audio files to me entirely online. I put all the shots, and the audio, together in After Effects, as well as adding the title and credits.

Using this RØDE gear:

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