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E.C.H.O. - My RØDE Reel 2014
Legit Pictures
After being picked up by a good samaritan, ex-marine Daniel Tompkins starts learning more about his past and how the choices he's made will ultimately effect his future... Starring Rupert Kade and Tom LiVigni. Produced by Jonathon Tompkins and Directed by Christian Blake from a screenplay by Allan Oberrender and Christian Blake. A Legit Pictures Release.
Behind the scenes...
We shot E.C.H.O. on a Black Magic Cinema Camera using a Canon 18-135mm lens, a Canon 40mm Pancake lens, and a Canon 50mm Macro lens.. The film was all shot handheld to give a more organic feel with the help of a very handy shoulder rig. Most of the film is exterior so we decided to shoot with a reflector for most of the shots to light our subject, and for the interior scene we used a Cowboy Studio softbox. Audio was all done in field (NO ADR) with the RØDE NTG-2 on a boom pole covered by a dead cat. It did the job and made our lives easier in Post Production. The film was edited on Final Cut Pro 7 and the VFX shot was composited and tracked using Adobe After Effects. The soundtrack was scored on Samplitude. We hope you enjoy our in-depth making of E.C.H.O.

Using this RØDE gear:

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