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ROAD - a Short Film shot on the Black Magic 4K Production Camera
Carlo Zappella, Dion Weber
Road is an action comedy about two best friends who plan to rob a grocery store but fail horribly .
Behind the scenes...
We used the Black Magic 4K camera to film Road. We mostly shot on the Canon 16-35 2.8 II. We rented 3x 650W Arris and a 2K Arri with ND gels. We also had two Walmimex soft boxes. We also rented a Husky Dolly with Jib, which was really cool. Sound was done by our good friend Tjandra, who is a sound professional. He used two RODE NT5s on booms and two RODE Lavaliers (the expensive ones). He had a lav and a boom for each actor. The lab was mostly used for the talking and the booms for ambient sound like walking. We used the Videomic for BTS stuff and it was incredible. I mean, the old Videomic was okay, but the pro is INSANE. The Footage was in ProRes 422 4K. We cut offline on Premiere Pro and Color graded in DaVInci Resolve. In Resolve, we used FilmConvert as a film emulsion.

Using this RØDE gear:

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