Haute Cuisine

Handheld Cinema

“haute cuisine“ is a silent slapstick film, a modernized tribute to Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and other artists.
The story about a poor woman trying to be part of a high society until realizing that it is often false front is located in a noble restaurant and contains an ironic climax including a kitchen duel of the protagonist and the grumpy chef.
One of the films key questions might be: “Is the higher claim always the better one?“
Well, at least, “haute cuisine“ shows what a conflict between two claim levels can cause- complete chaos and a little revolution!

Behind the scenes of Haute Cuisine

The restricted amount of time we had for the Pre-Production, forced us to work very quick and concentrate on what is necessary. Our first location was the kitchen, which belongs to Friedhelm Koch. He was kind enough to let us film in there. The restaurant room is actually a class room in our school, which we decorated completely, so it would look like a luxury restaurant.
As this is a film without any conversation or monologue, the visuals were very important. We choose to shoot on the A7s. Why?....because it was the camera available to us.
Never the less audio is still very important, even though there are no dialogues. The atmosphere of the restaurant and the kitchen is both strongly supported by sound effects and On-Set recordings. Therefore we used the Rode NTG2, which gave us clear and rich sound.
Music is another factor that is important. The music guides you through the story. Our composer Simon Oslender used Rode NT5s to capture a variety of instruments.
However a lot of our equipment was made by ourselves and a compromise for the expensive professional gear. So we used a wheel chair as a dolly, two pipes and a pice of wood as shoulder rig or a DIY camera jib. At the end it is not the gear the makes the film, it is the talent behind all of this.
We had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people. Our main actor Anna Scholten did a fantastic job and delivered always quite exactly what we wanted.

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