My RØDE Reel 2015


Jacqueline Passos (Rise and Shine Films)

Zoes biggest dream is to learn how to fly. But like with most dreams, it doesn’t really work out the way she wants. Still, she keeps trying until one day she finally figures out how to make her dream come true.

Behind the scenes of Balloon

Balloon was shot in Bern, Switzerland on an iPhone 6. This is the second short we shot on an iPhone after "Nachtschicht" (for which we were awarded with the Mobile Motion Award for Best Swiss Film) and we have learned a lot. This time we used a rig with matte box, ND filter and a polarizer as well as an Atomos Ninja Blade as a waveform monitor. We used an app called Filmic Pro, which records up to 50 Mbps in h264, so we had quite a bit of wiggle room in grading, which we used to achieve the dreamy childhood aesthetic we were going for. Of course coming from a professional background it is quite a challenge to shoot on a tiny device with an even tinier sensor, but it was a lot of fun too. The voice over was recorded using a Røde NT1-A mic and a Zoom H6 recorder. Check out the 8 minute version of the making-of to learn more (link in the description on YouTube) and hit uns with questions anytime! Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed the film and the making-of!

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