That Perfect Picture

Ocrux Studios

Sometimes, we get so engrossed with something that we become obsessed with being the best. However, we often forget the things that truly make us happy.

Behind the scenes of That Perfect Picture

We filmed this short film in 13 hours over the course of 3 days at our college. Our main camera was a Nikon D5100 while our 2nd/BTS camera was a Nikon D5300. Lenses used included Nikon prime lenses, Tokina wide lenses and Tamron tell lenses. We used the Rode VideoMic for on-location sound and ambience connected to a Zoom H1. A smartLav+ was used for scenes with dialogue and to record certain sound effects. It was also our first time using a Konova K2 slider with a Manfrotto head for the dolly shots as well as a Lilliput 663 external monitor to aid focusing and framing. We also used an F&V Z96 as a sunlight fill light for certain scenes where the practical lighting was too dark.

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