The Hiker

Moth Media

A man goes on a naturalistic journey, an escape from his life.

Behind the scenes of The Hiker

"The Hiker" is a film built on the hard work of friends and calling in favours. We had an amazing crew of good friends who worked their butts off to create a great final product. Most of the film was shot in one day in Victoria on the BlackMagic, from the desert to the mountains to the fields. Our second day of shooting was at Deakin University, using a borrowed set of flats from a friend and the RED Epic, lights and dolly from another. Our team really relied on the generosity of others because we pulled from our own pockets to fund the film.
Finally, we were lucky to have some help from a pair of sound recordists who provided us with two RØDE NT1s, using them for an amazing stereo effect.
We hope you enjoyed the film and the BTS!

Featured entries

Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Clara Kokseby
Nikita Emtsov / Another Sky Productions