Henco J

For John and Julie it was love at first sight. Everything seemed perfect. But tragedy struck on their wedding day. Julie, suffering from psychogenic amnesia, tries to move on with her life; while John persists in his promise to keep her happy.

Behind the scenes of Disremember

We shot this film in 16 consecutive hours on a BlackMagic Camera, a Canon lense, and off course the phenomenal Rode Microphone. We also used a Wally Dolly and makeshift green screen, as there were a few visual effects elements.

We made use of two locations, Deja-Vu guest house and a friend's house.

For the beginning sequence we had to take a digital photo of a scrapbook and then embed the footage inside while moving the virtual camera around. The whole film had to be shot with two stories in mind, the reality of the couple and the amnesic visuals of Julie. Due to the use of visual effects, certain scene were shot in three layers, which were fun to keep track off.

Featured entries

Daniel Mattei
Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Clara Kokseby