The Runner 3 M.V.


A Lad runs.

Behind the scenes of The Runner 3 M.V.

Having approximately 0$ my approach was quite DIY.

In the video, I show all the gear used in the production. It was not much, but, as I said in the final little monologue, the approach was very much about figuring it out. The most enjoyable thing was in fact trying to overcome seemingly crazy high obstacles.
I recall, in one instance, after a failed day of shooting, I called it a day, and asked the guys to come back tomorrow. During the night, being very much involved in the process, both emotionally and mentally, I dreamed of the solution to the problem, which of course involved ropes. We then nailed it.

That pretty much sums up what this film is. The rudimental, make it happen approach is imbedded in its soul and makes it what it is. After all, I am somewhat proud of it, not so much for the result, but for the experience of actually making it. It pushed me beyond my comfort zone, which is always good, and I know it does not seem much, but the process involved another nine minutes worth of film that is eventually going to be released.

Thank you for listening,
And for using your time to watch my work.

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