My RØDE Reel 2015
People's Choice


Andre Pilli

This is a dialog between the feeling of a film when it is ready, and the unconscious feeling that the editor has when he knows where and when he should cut. Through the subtleties of transforming feelings into images, the film intends to serve as a device that has music as its primary way of delivering a message. With editing, every aspect of life can be more interesting, even if you have no crew, one camera and one microphone to shoot it.

Behind the scenes of Editing

I felt uneasy when I saw several people submitting some BTS photos for this contest with a full cast, crew and professional equipment. So I wanted to prove that it is possible to make a competitive entry doing this myself with my own equipment in a couple of days. I am a content maker for YouTube, so I am somewhat used to filming my daily routine. So one day I woke up at night and had the idea to mix my hand drumming with some footage. So I went out with my a7s, a Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, a Zeiss 16-35, A Zeiss 70-200 and a Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod with a photo head to keep it light. What I did was record my day chronologically, and mix it with my beat. I like this setup because I can be very mobile with it, and it doesn't matter if you have the best camera/crew/setup if you can't reach and shoot in certain places, they are worthless. This was shot in NYC, around my place in Midtown and Brooklyn. The shot of the Manhattan skyline with the fog was definitely the most challenging one. Since I used the a7s, I didn't have any problems with low light, but the location was in a very hard to reach spot. The tide was pretty high, so I was knee deep in water already (as was my tripod), but I had to get into the water to get that shot, because it would surely be one of the most interesting ones. This opportunity would have never presented itself if it wasn't for my mobility, so in filmmaking sometimes less is more.

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