Action Speaks Louder

Pixel Hustler

This film is the story of the duality of Skateboarding, Rollerskating and Cycling. The soundtrack to the film is made entirely of sounds captured during the filming process and reflects the change in each sports energy when undertaken either casually or competitively.

Behind the scenes of Action Speaks Louder

We used 3 cameras, a 6 channel sound recorder and a Smartphone with a Rode SmartLav+ to capture our footage and sound. The SmartLav allowed us to clip a mic very close to the source of the sound, keep it our of frame and record onto a phone that lived quite happily in our actors' pockets. We also used a Rode Video mic Pro and an NTG2. It was a challenge editing the sounds to the video and creating a soundtrack from only audio recorded during filming but with patience and a good array of available audio channels, it was possible to create our film.

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